Sunday, August 2, 2015

Quick single strap purse tutorial

I wanted a little single strap purse to take on my vacation. I wanted it light enough to just carry a couple diapers wipes and my wallet. I also wanted it small enough that I could just shove it in my Vera Bradley duffle bag for the flight. 
  I looked at a couple of stores and didn't find anything so I decided to make one myself.  
There wasn't any patterns on pinetrest so I made my own. 

The dimensions is 15 1/2" wide 10" tall (not including the strap) and 4" deep. I also used bias tape to finish the edges. 

I also added a pocket in the lining to hold chapsticks and other little things 

Start by sewing the corners first and then I ironed down the seams.  Don't forget to sew in the pocket before sewing the purse together. 
Next put the two pieces together and see together. 
 Next press all of the seams on the lining and shell of the purse. 
Next I sewed the bias tape to put it all together. I've never worked with bias tape before but once I got the hang of it it makes it easier to finish off the edges. 
I think it turned out great! 

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